Let Your Child Boost his Confidence with Sharp, Slick Looking hairStyle using This Special Natural Haircare

Dear lovely parent,

Do you know that most of hair gel product in market is not good for your son because of their toxicity?


I know your feelings when your beloved son ask for a hair gel to make their hair look stylish & handsome. I would also buy it for my son to make him look handsome everyday.


Its a long time ago. After knowing the fact that hair gel is not so good for children hair, i change my mind.

Before i continue, let me introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Aisha.

I am a kid’s hair consultant. I will guide you to choose the best product for your children.

Since 2016, I already help more than 100 children have a better hairstyle.


Your son want to look handsome when he goes to school or meet his friends. So they want a hair gel to make their hair more stylish.

They do not know anything about the products in market, they just ask you to buy it.

If you also just buy the product without knowing anything about this, you put your precious child’s life at risk.



FYI, Almost 90% Children Hair Product Consist of Toxic That are Cancerous.


In Fact, Do You Know That Scalp Is The Most Sensitive part Of the Hair?


Scalp Penetrate Faster Than Any Other Part Of The Body And It’s Very Important To Know What You Apply To Their Hair.


If your son use the toxic hair gel, their stylish hairstyle does not mean anything but cancer risk.

REASON #2 : SMELLS (yuckss)

Your son’s hair will stink if use too much hair gel. Plus, when they sweat, the smell become stronger & you don’t like it.


The bad news is, if your son don’t stop using that product, the smell will hard to get rid of.


Most hair gel is hard to wash because of the ingredient & grease based.


Your children’s hair will become worse & have flakes if don’t wash everyday. Even if you wash it daily, there will still be flakes all over his head because of the toxic penetration into the scalp.


In year 2016, I have done some research to overcome these problems. I mixed some natural ingredient & create a new formula for kid’s hair.


After finding the formula, I produced it & gave it a try to several kids. The results are really great.

” I just use it with a bit of water and it hold their hair in style. I love the smell too”

– Mrs Liana, Mother

” I love the smell & cannot stop smelling his head “

– Mrs Rini, Satisfied Mother

” My boy love the smell. His hair a little bit messy but after use this product, it stay through out “

– Mrs Izwani, Satisfied Mom

What is the formula?



The #1 Natural Pomade For Kids


Natural Ingredient


Smell Yummy-ly Good


Easy To Wash

6 top reason to choose Junior luxury pomade for your child

Natural Ingredient

Made from natural ingredient that give nutrient for your kid’s hair

Easy To Wash

Just put some water will distinguish all the pomade gel. Easy!

Travel Size

We made it medium size to fit a pocket, easy for your kids to bring it anywhere they go

Smell Yummy-ly Good

Your kids will love this smell, also their parents

Easy To Restyle

Style it wrong? Put sprinkle of water and you can restyle with ease

Formulated for kids

This water based pomade formulated for children’s hair & skin condition.

We Use Natural Premium Ingredient for Junior luxury pomade


These water-dense leaves, combined with special plant compounds called complex carbohydrates, make it an effective face moisturizer and pain reliever.


This non-greasy oil makes for the perfect leave-in conditioner that makes your hair easier to style while repairing those pesky split ends!


Cedar Wood Oil can be used as a general health tonic, since it tones the organ systems and stimulates metabolism.

We give a special price for you

What others said about junior luxury pomade?

” Finally i found the pomade that can straight up my chidren’s hair the whole day”

– Mrs Norul, Mother

” I use a bit more in the morning & the front hair stay slick & clean till evening”

– Mrs Dee, Satisfied Mother

” It smell very good & the hair texture lasted last longer “

– Mrs Raudah, Satisfied Mom

” Both my son & the girl love it. They said they smell like fresh apple”

– Mrs Hayati, Mother

” Danish’s hair is on fleek”

– Mrs Yasmin,  Satisfied Mother

” I like it smell so much & easy to wash “

– Mrs Mashashkin, Satisfied Mom

get one junior luxury pomade for your child now

PS : If you really don’t care about your children’s hair condition, still using the toxic hair product, you can forget this page. But if you already realize the fact that your children’s live are at risk, please take action fast. Get this pomade & make your children happy with their new good-looking hair without any worries.